András Benkő musician, kobzo performer

András Benkő: ‘About Hungary, our sweet country…’ Catholic Hosanna songs about Hungarian saints

Families enjoy Moldavian folk dancing at Budapest church’s Parish Day

With several hundred participants in attendance, the Roman Catholic Our Lady of the Stone (Kövi Szűz Mária) Church celebrated its Parish Day on June 5, 2010. Offering an exciting palette of family-oriented activities which included a traditional Moldavian barn dance, the event took place on the northernmost tip of Hajógyári-sziget, an island in the river Danube named for the shipyards it used to accommodate in the Budapest district of Óbuda.

With Sültü Band playing traditional instruments such as the cobza, sültü and drums, the one-hour event was complete with folk dance learning and suitable for all age groups.


However, this was only one among a dazzling array of activities geared towards families with children and provided free of charge, such as a mothers vs. daughters volleyball match, fathers vs. sons soccer game, horseback riding, petanque, archery; batik, woodwork, clay sculpting or felt making. Father Ferenc delivered a morning sermon, and in the late afternoon all the visitors congregated for a mass with guitar music. The day was complete with a rock concert later in the evening.

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