András Benkő musician, kobzo performer

András Benkő: ‘About Hungary, our sweet country…’ Catholic Hosanna songs about Hungarian saints

Big city kids dance to folk music, learn about cobza with Sültü Band

Our folk band was invited to play at a grape harvest festival on the last day of September – this time to one taking place at a kindergarten in the Óbuda district of Budapest. On arrival, Sültü Band was greeted by a bevy of some 200 grinning, buzzing preschoolers.

The teachers treated us to a “welcome drink” of fresh-squeezed grape juice, and the party was soon in full swing. Songs and folk dance music were played in turn for more than one-and-a-half hours. Inspired by the contagious enthusiasm of kindergarten teachers, the parents as well as their kids were dancing up a storm!

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