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Tying the knot to Csángó folk music from Moldavia

Sültü Band had the privilege of playing at a very special wedding on Saturday, October 1. The unique venue of the nuptials was a historic early medieval church dating back to the 12th century, which had once belonged to the now extinct village of Gercse. The church occupies the middle of a clearing at the foot of Hármashatár hill in the undulating landscape of Budapest’s northeastern periphery.

Walking with Ági and Zsolt through the fields felt like a scene right out of a Tarkovsky movie. Blue skies, bright sunshine, the vast expanse of the fields around us, Moldavian csángó music, a sense of void and complete at the same time…

Please see a handful of lovely photos of the wedding procession to the church to the accompaniment of Moldavian csángó folk music, courtesy of the newlyweds.

I would like to thank photographer Attila Haid for a permission to publish the pictures.

Bride and groom resting in the shade of trees before the procession to the church

The young couple walking to the church to the strains of Moldavian Csángó folk music by András Benkő and Sültü Band.

On the way to church. Blue skies, Csángó folk music from Moldavia, a sense of void and complete at the same time – like a scene out of a Tarkovsky movie…

The wedding procession leading up to the church ceremony, accompanied by Moldavian Csángó folk music.

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