András Benkő musician, kobzo performer

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Csango folk music by András Benkő and Sültü Band

Moldavian Csángó folk music by András Benkő and Sültü Band was featured among a diverse plate of live concerts on the main stage of the the 17th annual Museums’ May Day Festival 2012, hosted by the Hungarian National Museum on May 19 and 20. 

Sültü Band entertained the festival audience with Csángó folk music from Moldavia playing traditional instruments such as the cobza (a type lute), the sültü (recorder used in Hungarian folk music) and drums on a lovely Saturday afternoon. Several other bands playing soul, blues, jazz, rock or folk music.


A high profile cultural event in Budapest, the free May Day Festival gives visitors a unique opportunity to get acquainted with nearly 120 museums in a leisurely way by visiting their stalls and engage in various activities taking place at the National Museum and the surrounding park.

The festival attracts tens of thousands of locals and tourists each year with its generous offering of open-air concerts, traditional arts and crafts stalls, film screenings, unconventional museum tours and other fun things for every age group over a full weekend in May. The fare is also traditional Hungarian, including specialties such as rooster’s balls stew or chimney cake.

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