András Benkő musician, kobzo performer

András Benkő: ‘About Hungary, our sweet country…’ Catholic Hosanna songs about Hungarian saints

Museums’ Art Festival with Sultu Band’ Csángó folk music concert

The garden of the Hungarian National Museum bursts into bloom in May, bringing together more than 100 museums, live music, dance and theater, and hands-on crafts, to name a few…

It’s a two-day, free-entry celebration of museums, which as you know come in all sizes and colors: small and large, village and national, folk and historical art and functional. Take a virtual tour of them all, so you can plan your future cultural and artistic outings.

Sultu Folk Band’ concert in the Museum Garden on Sunday, May 16, 2010. (pm 2:30) 

All this while strolling the pretty park that surrounds the National Museum, on whose steps Sándor Petőfi famously and poetically demanded independence from Austria on March 15, 1848.
During May Day(s) at the Museums, those very steps will be the setting for classic and folk concerts, jazz melodies and theatrical productions, all day until the sun sets. It’s also a day to get your hands dirty and try some Hungarian crafts. Adults and kids alike can cut and paste, shape some clay, paint a portrait or take photos with the guidance of master craftspeople. Not feeling so artistic yourself? Buy beautiful creations from professional artists at the courtyard crafts fair. Need to know more about where to go in Hungary? There’s also a “cultural tourism” fair with lots of countrysiders on hand to tell you first-hand about their village or region and its attractions.
Plan your next trip discovering Hungary with these friendly folk, who’ll most likely be offering discounts as well. Did we mention that this delightful day of cultural discovery is free?
Join in anytime, from morning to night! Merry Museum Day!

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