András Benkő musician, kobzo performer

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Folk band treats Prague fans to Csángó tunes, cobza demo, Hungarian early music

Sültü Band gave a performance in the Czech Republic on November 7, 2009. A keen audience at the Hungarian Culture Center in Prague enjoyed a 90-minute sampling of early music and traditional folk tunes by Budapest-based Sültü Band.

In addition to folk songs and dances from Transylvania’s Ghymes Valley and those of the Hungarian-speaking Csángó minority in Moldavia, the program also featured medieval and renaissance minstrel songs from Hungary. The concert was not solely a musical experience, as the band members’ presentations offered the audience a unique opportunity to acquaint themselves with historic instruments, such as the cobza or sültü, rarely seen and heard in concert halls today.


The event was part of the Prague Hungarian Culture Days, sponsored by Hungary’s National Culture Fund and Balassi Institute.

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