Barn dance in Hungary - Events in 2010

The Sultu Band - Moldavian Csango Folkmusic, HungaryBarn dance (folk dance party) with Sültü Band every second Saturday evening in Budapest, Hungary in 2010.

Next folk dance party:

15. 05. 2010 - (19.00-01.00)
Dance teaching from 7pm, than moldavian csango dancehouse to 1am

In 2010 again! More events:

Dates in 2009 - Moldavian csango barn dance

with Sültü Band every second Saturday evening in FMH, Budapest, Hungary. Csango dancehouse with Sultu Band

Sültü Band moldavian csango barn dance (folk dance party) with dance and song teaching
(FMH, 1119 Budapest, Fehérvári út 47. Tel: +36 1 203-3868)


Folk dance parties in 2009:


Folk dance party and barn dance camp in the Castle

There was a great folk dance party and a short 3 day long camp in Tiszadob, Hungary 23-25th March 2007.

Our guest could learn about 40 Hungarian dances and traditional songs from Moldva, Romania. The 100 recipients enjoyed the non-stop barn dance party in the Andrássy Castle.